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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication & Assembly


Established in 1980, MDI is an aerospace manufacturer of precision sheet metal fabrication and assembly. MDI is located in Cheney, Kansas (30 miles west of Wichita). We manufacture aerospace detailed sheet metal parts, assemblies, and related tooling. MDI specializes in Hydro, Drop Hammer, and Stretch Press Forming, as well as Titanium Hot Forming and Laser Trim. Internally, we also manufacture tooling per your engineering drawings through the use of a well-equipped and qualified tooling department.

What We Do

Aircraft Sheet Metal Fabrication & Assemblies

Aircraft Tooling

Hydro, Drop Hammer, Brake Form, Hot Press, & Stretch Press Forming

Our Experience


Located in Cheney, Kansas, Manufacturing Development, Inc. is a high-level sheet metal shop that specializes in the precision forming and trimming of sheet metal detail parts and small assemblies, in accordance with OEM specifications and government regulations, for use in the aerospace industry. We understand the need of our customers for product produced on-time, of a high quality and at the best possible pricing, and we strive to meet the ever growing demands with the goal of superior performance in order to enhance the growth of our company and the elevation of our employees.

Our Quality

MDI combines cutting-edge technology with good, old-fashioned craftsmanship to create products that surpass even the most stringent standards. For nearly four decades, we’ve thrived on providing our customers with first rate quality. We also utilize real time tracking software to manage our product flow and to continuously work towards 100% on-time delivery.

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2022 AS9100Certification

ITAR 2024 Registration Letter


MDI combines cutting-edge technology with good, old-fashioned craftsmanship to create products that surpass even the most stringent standards. Below you can find a list of the service that we off. For a full list of machines and details please download the PDF below.

Titanium Hot Forming

MDI is an approved supplier for titanium hot forming for Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems, Bell/Textron, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed/Martin. MDI utilizes Three hot presses, two of which have side rams for added capability, certified ovens, hot joggling equipment and a portable quartz heater for hot sizing, hot forming, and warm forming to the highest customer standards.

Drop Hammer

MDI’s drop hammer process includes in-house tooling capabilities.

MDI has four Ceco air drop hammers, the two largest feature 48″ x 66″ bed sizes and the smaller hammers have 36″ x 48″ beds.

MDI has the added capability of pouring our own kirksite billets with our in in-house forge. This onsite process offers our customers reduced turn time for Drop Hammer tooling. All of our tooling is designed, built and inspected using the best software and inspection technology available. We use Catia and Mastercam for design and programming and have two portable CMM’s, one of which has laser scanning capability for inspecting to engineering drawing, or directly against your 3D models.

Laser Cutting

MDI’s Laser equipment supports forming operations and flat pattern work to reduce cost and cycle time. We have two state of the art Mazak 5 axis lasers with X-Y envelopes of 36″ and nearly 10″ of Z travel.

Hydro Forming

MDI fabricates some of the most difficult close tolerance parts in the aviation industry. Size capabilities for our equipment are 44″ x 64″ on the larger 400-ton press and 24″ x 42″ on the 200-ton press.

From smaller brackets and fittings to larger bulkheads and stringers, we can assist you in fulfilling your hydroform requirements.

Stretch Forming

MDI has equipment capable of Stretch forming both extruded material and sheet metal (skins).

Our skin presses allow for parts up to 6′ width and 8′ length with maximum thicknesses ranging up to .125, depending upon material and size of parts. One of our presses has articulating jaws for more complex forming requirements and also comes with a bulldozer attachment.

We have also adapted our stretch forming process to allow for elevated temperature forming of titanium.

Machine List

Below you will find a full list of all the machines that MDI uses, as well as specific details and information. Please click on the link to view and download the full PDF. For more information and questions please contact us using the contact information at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your interest in MDI, Inc!


Please CLICK HERE to download our machine list PDF.


MDI is always striving to achieve perfection in our Quality Management System performance. We maintain the latest revision and approval of the industry accepted AS9100 requirements. We will be happy to send you a copy of our latest registration upon request.

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